Saturday, April 19, 2008

Windy, windy, winnnnnnnnndy

Wind. That's the only to describe Saturday morning at the Classic. The winds were fairly calm this morning when the day's first flight of anglers launched. But since then, they've picked up and are now approaching gale force! It may be having some effect on those guys out on the lake today. Last year's top team, led by Terry Scroggins had a total weight topping 200 lbs. This year, Scroggins finds himself again in the lead, but after nearly 12 hours on the lake, his team has only (only?!?) accumulated 97 pounds of bass. Still whopping for most lakes but only average for Lake Fork.
At the KMOO tent, fishing tour t-shirts are flying in the breeze but still a hot item. And photos with the KMOO Lunker are more popular with ever!

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